Kjeld Mahoney Photography

We all want to preserve our family vacation memories right? I know I do. But often we don't capture those memories, because of a lack of time, no one wants to lug that heavy camera, or we lack the proper skills to capture the shot. Let Kjeld Mahoney capture those memories for you with a beautiful reminder of your stay along Massachusetts' breathtaking coast.

As one might expect of a state that has the nickname “The Bay State”, the ocean is a prominent feature of Massachusetts’ geography. The state has roughly 1,500 miles of coastline, and the South Shore is the region that encompasses all the coastal communities between Boston and Cape Cod. This amazing stretch of coast boasts numerous historical attractions, beaches and lighthouses, and Kjeld Mahoney has captured them for you to cherish forever.

Wow! This continues to be the reaction when visitors walk into Kjeld's gallery, exhibiting his fine photography.  Come discover a beautiful treasure for your home, visit the gallery in charming Scituate Harbor on Front Street.

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12 Jan 2014

By TRAVELHOST Contributing Writer